History of FME

FME is very proud of the legacy we established with the Montessori family. Dr. Montessori’s son Mario Montessori inaugurated the first Association Montessori Internationale Montessori Teacher Training Centre in Canada in 1971. The first training course was established at Victoria College on the University of Toronto campus where it remained until 1977. After a period of operation in a well recognized Montessori school in Richmond Hill, the AMI established an independent teacher training centre in Toronto. Toronto’s strong connection to the Montessori family was maintained when Renilde Montessori, Dr. Montessori’s youngest granddaughter, founded FME in 1989. The Foundation was incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable organization, with the primary purpose of promoting Montessori education based on the work of Dr. Maria Montessori. FME is the only Montessori Training Centre in eastern Canada to offer the AMI Montessori diploma endorsed by Dr. Maria Montessori as well as AMI Certificate programs.

AMI has consistently and continuously offered AMI Teacher Training in Toronto for over 40 years. Nearly 2000 individuals have graduated from AMI courses in Toronto. Those individuals have gone on to work across Canada; as well as in Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, China, France, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, The Philippines, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, The United Arab Emirates, The UnitedKingdom, The United States, and Vietnam to name a few.

In 1996 FME was the first Montessori Teacher Training Centre to offer a course aimed to aid Assistants in understanding their role in the Montessori environment. The course was met with great enthusiasm not only from Montessori schools and assistants, but also from parents interested in learning more about Montessori Education. Following FME’s great success with the Assistants’ Course AMI established the AMI Children’s House Assistants Course Certificate program which is now offered in AMI Training Centres around the world.

Aside from our wonderful Montessori legacy, which can be traced directly to the Montessori family, FME is also registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career College Act 2005.

Dr. Maria Montessori
Dr. Maria Montessori with son, Mario Montessori
Renilde Montessori, grandaughter of Dr. Montessori, founded FME in 1989