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Our Vision

To transform the FME into an integrative Montessori resource and training centre that supports our local and global communities.

Our Mission

To make the world a better place for every child by educating society about Montessori education as an aid to life.

Our Mandate

To provide quality Montessori education to adults so they are well-prepared to support children’s holistic development.

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The AMI Difference

The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is the only Montessori teacher training organization endorsed by Dr. Maria Montessori herself.

Why AMI?


"This is the go-to centre for excellence and authenticity in Montessori Teacher Training. AMI is the only teacher training organization authorized by the movement's founder, Dr. Maria Montessori. There are only two AMI training centres in Canada. Don't settle for less."

Rachel, Primary Course Graduate, 1998

"This course has delivered so much beyond my expectations. I believe every child deserves a Montessori Education, an education that serves the "whole" child; the world could change from that alone."

Nicola, Assistants' Course Graduate, 2020

"After 9 months, I can say it has been the best educational experience of my life. It not only prepared me for my profession but also changed my outlook on children and life."

Esther, AMI Primary Graduate, 2017

"This course changed the way I looked at the world. It changed the way we ran our Montessori school. It especially changed the way I parented. It changed me in so many POSITIVE ways. I highly recommend it...most importantly if you are a new parent."

Tara, Assistants' Course Graduate, 2007
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Knowledgeable Trainers

The trainers at FME were trained by Renilde Montessori, Dr. Maria Montessori’s youngest granddaughter, giving them in-depth knowledge and a unique understanding of Montessori principles and practices.

Faculty bios