From Our Graduates

“I feel honoured taking this AMI Montessori teacher-training course for children ages 3 – 6 at the Foundation. Through studying [the] course, I was able to realize that the holistic approach of Montessori education is what truly helps children reach their fullest potential in all life domains and develop a love for lifelong learning. I was able to understand that this approach could provide the child with the keys to a more peaceful world and to freely explore the universe.”
Nermeen, FME Primary Course Graduate, 2017

“Working with children is the most wonderful experience one could have. If you’re thinking about a career in education (or continuing it with a different perspective) – choose training in a great system with amazing people. Choose going really deep into the values and goals of education. Choose preparing yourself to being excellent and very well prepared. You will not find a better course, anywhere. Personally, I have not only become a better professional, I also became a better person. I feel absolutely lucky to have spent nearly a year of my life with the Foundation for Montessori Education and my classmates. There are no words that can express how grateful I am for this experience. Thank you FME!”
Dorothy, FME Primary Course Graduate, 2020

From Montessori School Administrators

“[The] Foundation for Montessori Education (FME) has always been there for me, our staff and for the families and the children we serve in our school community. As an owner of a school and as a directress, I have always felt supported by everyone at FME through advice, lectures, parent courses and refresher courses to keep engaged and informed of new Montessori developments and updates. Sandra Girlato and Lynn Woodward are extremely professional, knowledgeable and warm in every interaction I have had with them for the last 23 years. Our small country school is now an AMI recognized school and I could not be more proud!
Lorena, FME Primary Course Graduate 1998, Montessori School Administrator

“Throughout the training I always felt supported and valued and could find the information and answers to my questions as a result. The curriculum was offered in a manner that helped me understand the effectiveness of my role and it has also indirectly supported me and prepared me for my work as an administrator and Head of School. I believe strongly that the reason Montessori has remained so strong with me decades later is because of how the Primary course was shared with us and not simply imparted to us. I strongly recommend the Foundation for Montessori Education for any candidate seeking to fulfill their dream in becoming a Montessori guide and to have a true understanding of the development and support for children.”
Gino, FME Primary Course Graduate 1998, Montessori School Administrator

“Montessori training was a highpoint in my life for sure. I received my diploma from FME in 1993. The late Mrs. Renilde Montessori (and Mrs. Sandra Girlato, in Training of Trainers [Program] at the time) offered an experience that was life changing. The knowledge and high expectations of the trainers provided a most thorough study of Montessori pedagogy. Coupled with their elegance and grace (and that of the atmosphere and environment as well) it was a perfect combination to send graduates off into their careers with confidence of sound theory, practical experience and humility to continue to learn always.”
Anissa, FME Primary Course Graduate 1993, Montessori School Administrator

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