Building a Stronger Foundation

Walk into any Montessori Casa environment and you will see children engaged in activities from pouring water to working with fractions. You will hear the sound of bells, the chatter of voices and the buzz of industrious children. You will feel a sense of unity and harmony that can only be found amongst children working together to create a community.

The Foundation for Montessori Education has endeavoured to enrich the lives of children by continuing to provide the rigorous and high-quality, teacher training that the Montessori family began in Toronto 47 years ago. Our goal is to ensure that children have every opportunity to develop into independent, capable and productive members of society. We have worked toward this goal by offering support to teachers, assistants and administrators through the courses, workshops and facilitated discussions we provide.

FME has bold dreams it would like to see come to fruition:

  • teacher training programs offered across the full spectrum of childhood and adolescence (0-3; 6-12; and 12 – 18, in addition to the current 3 – 6 course)
  • the training of more trainers
  • greater community engagement – including expanded parent support and outreach

Wouldn’t it be marvellous if even more children’s lives could be positively supported through such endeavours?

Please give what you can so we can continue to champion the cause of the child together!

Donation Notes

To Donate via e-Transfer:
  • Please send the funds to
  • Once the funds have been transferred please send the password to along with the name and address that we should be issuing the tax receipt for.
To Donate via Cheque or Cash please send by mail.

*All donations of $20.00 or more will be issued a receipt for tax purposes.