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Montessori education is based on the pedagogical principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Over her lifetime, Dr. Montessori observed children of all levels of ability and developed an educational framework centred around children’s developmental milestones. This short video by AMI highlights many principles and attributes that are unique to Montessori education.
The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) was founded by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1929, along with her son, Mario Montessori. The AMI is the pedagogical body that directs and supervises over 90 AMI training centres around the world. Based out of its head office in Amsterdam, the AMI is the only Montessori teacher training organization to issue a diploma to its graduates bearing Dr. Montessori’s signature. The AMI diploma is recognized globally, meaning AMI graduates are qualified to work in Montessori schools all over the world. The AMI is entrusted with ensuring that Dr. Montessori’s educational guidelines and standards are upheld.
While FME hosts events for Montessori educators, it also hosts events for anyone interested in learning more about Montessori education. Please feel free to monitor our events page and keep an eye out for upcoming events.
  • This website houses content for parents and caregivers focused on how to support children’s natural development from birth to age three
News Story about Quality Montessori
  • This short video highlights the importance of understanding the principles of authentic Montessori education

I have questions about the AMI Primary Course…

What sets the Foundation apart as a Montessori training centre is its connection to the Montessori family. Dr. Maria Montessori’s son, Mario Montessori, inaugurated the first Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) teacher training centre in Canada in 1971. The first training course was established at Victoria College on the University of Toronto campus where it remained until 1977. After a period of operation in a well-recognized Montessori school in Richmond Hill, the AMI established an independent teacher training centre in Toronto. Dr. Maria Montessori’s youngest granddaughter, Renilde Montessori, founded the Foundation for Montessori Education in 1989. The Foundation was incorporated as a non-profit organization with the primary purpose of promoting Montessori education based on the work of Dr. Maria Montessori. The Foundation is the only AMI training centre in Eastern Canada.
The course prerequisites are as follows:
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or;
  • A College Diploma or a Private Career College Diploma, with a minimum of two years’ work experience
Yes. Students complete a total of eight weeks of practice teaching and observation in Montessori classrooms throughout the course.
For information on tuition fees, please visit our AMI Primary course page.
Financial assistance may be available for those who qualify. Fore more information, please email fme@montessori-ami.ca or call 416-769-7457.

I have questions about my application…

To complete this component of your application, please select one of the following two alternatives:
  • A) If you have worked in an AMI classroom, you can write a 2 page report on your time in the classroom; or
  • B) You can visit the montessoriguide.org website and watch approximately 2 hours of video content of the Montessori Primary classroom and type your observations based on the content you observe in the videos.
You are welcome to write about whatever piques your interest during your observation. For example, you can write about the children in the classroom, the activities the children are doing in the classroom, the adults in the classroom, the materials, etc. Please keep your observation notes to a maximum of two typed pages.
If you cannot contact a previous professor, please provide us with the contact information of a professional who knows you personally. For example, this could be a physician, a dentist, an accountant, etc.
The application fee is $200 CAD. Please note that your application will not be reviewed until the application fee is received. For more information on how to pay the application fee, please click here.
FME welcomes applications from international students. Those who hold a degree from a University outside of Canada must have their degree assessed by an academic credentials evaluation service or a recognized Canadian University and submit the assessment along with their application. World Education Services provides credential assessment on a document-by-document basis. The AMI Primary Course is conducted in English at a University level. Applicants who have English as a second language are responsible for ensuring their language proficiency is at a minimum TOEFL score of 83 or IELTS Academic score overall band of 6. Please note that tuition fees are the same for international students.

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